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I was born and raised in southern British Columbia. After obtaining degrees in Computer Science in the mid 1970's, I embarked on a career in the high tech world of software development in Ottawa. In the late 1990's I was fortunate enough to retire and begin a new career in woodturning. 

As an eager apprentice in the world of woodturning, I tried my hand at any and all projects, honing my skills and techniques, and eagerly exploring the many facets of woodturning. I believe this to be an ongoing challenge and obligation - exploration and experimentation are, in my mind, essential to creative growth.

Over the last few years I've discovered the fascinating world of segmented woodturning. This is essentially the turning of conventional objects such as bowls and vases, from assemblies of many pieces of wood painstakingly cut, assembled, and glued together. In this type of work, the design of the piece is developed not only by the shape and texture of the woodturning, but by the designs, colors, and patterns of the combined woods. The resulting pieces in many ways resemble pottery for their structure, patterns and shapes.

Growing up in the majesty of the province of British Columbia gave me an early and lasting appreciation for nature - the rugged textures of the mountains and lakes, the vastness of the forests. I was surrounded by wood, both in the world around me, and in our home. Although as a child I took little notice of these things at the time, they have left me with a lasting love of the textures, patterns, and colors of natural wood.

As a student I had a keen interest in mathematics, geometry, patterns and symmetry. I've always been attracted to the repetitive structures in patterns, geometric puzzles, 3D geometric solids, and mathematical progressions. A term project in university on 'Mathematics in Nature' further honed my interest in how mathematics and structure are almost universally part of nature in such things as the spirals of seeds in a sunflower, and in man's architectural constructions using the "perfect rectangle" and symmetric design.

Throughout my career in the computer industry I had little time to develop these interest, although I found myself drawn to the woodturned bowls and vases I found in galleries and craft fairs, and bought several. I had also acquired many paintings, and through this interest was able to meet several artists. All of this nurtured a growing interest in art as well as woodturning.

Having finally found the opportunity to indulge in these interests, I believe that my personal discovery of the opportunities and possibilities of segmented woodturning represents a convergence of a lifetime of interest in wood, art, mathematics, nature, and structure.



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